dcraw 7.0

Dave reports:

After four months of work, dcraw 7.00 is available for download (source, binaries).

It’s a major rewrite:

Not only is Adobe DNG now supported, the entire codepath has been redesigned for it. Adobe’s XYZ->CAM matrices allow color science to replace black magic, whether decoding DNG or the original raw files.

The Foveon-related code has been completely rewritten to give realistic colors under all light sources.

The license has changed. The new Foveon code is under the GPL license, so authors of closed-source applications may need to pay me to use it. The rest is under my old free-for-all license. See dcraw.c for details.

My future plans are:

Adding support for SMaL-based thin cameras. Currently these cameras are completely useless without Windows.

Improving camera white balance support, first for Canon, then Nikon, and maybe others.

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