dcraw Windows build updated: v.8.87 release

The Windows build has been updated to the new dcraw version 8.87 Date: 2008/08/12 19:39:17 Revision: 1.404


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    ztz · Aug 15, 02:31 pm · #

  2. I’m a retired I.T. pro (grammer) and a digital photograpy enthusiast. Since I’ve got a RAW capable camera (Olympus E-330) I’ve been using Olympus Studio which is both a ridiculous software and a wonderful tool. Ridiculous because it’s very slow, somewhat buggy and have a stupid GUI. Powerful because it can communicate with the camera lens (through undocumented EXIF Maker’s Notes, alas) and can correct vignetting, barrel/pincushion distortion (knowing the lens ID, apperture, distance setting, zooming), can follow or change the many camera parameters and can adjust shadows using very useful Apical technology.

    Nevertheless I use dcraw sometimes because it is included in Autopano Pro. Now I want to use Tufusion (Max Lyons Tufuse + Entropy GUI.)

    I mostly shot and assemble panorama, from 360×180 degree spherical ones to much simple ones and this explains why I take so much care of vignetting, distortion and higher than my camera sensor dynamic range.

    I add this comment because I know that delivering free software to unknown silent users is sometimes quite not fun…


    Georges Lagarde · Aug 16, 02:32 pm · #

  3. XP 64-bit. The standard dcraw build does not run – it complains about being built for the wrong machine type.
    The dcrawMS.exe version does run under xp-64.

    Strangely, other 32-bit versions of dcraw, such as ones built with Cygwin, will run under xp-64.

    Cameron Davidson · Aug 20, 04:54 am · #


    CHOBITS · Aug 27, 11:28 am · #

  5. some days ago dave has released a new source that already supports the new panasonic LX3.
    are you going to compile this new version too? i uploaded dave’s files here btw:

    oluv · Aug 28, 07:10 pm · #

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