dcraw build 8.83 built with Microsoft compiler update

Hans J Weber sent a dcraw 8.83 build compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio. This should work on Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista systems (that won’t run this site build until its upgraded to Service Pack 1).

Thanks Hans!


  1. This works in Vista Home Premium on a core 2 duo based Dell Inspiron 1720 Laptop.

    So, using a Microsoft compiler is a work around.

    I think Microsoft needs to address this issue, though (remove the new DPMI memory allocation limitations that were not present in previous versions of Windows).

    When using dcraw.c compiled with djgpp, I get out of memory errors with Vista, probably because of a 32MB DPMI memory allocation limit imposed by Microsoft, based on discussions I’ve seen about this issue.

    Here’s one example of a discussion about the problem with Vista:


    Jim Cockfield · Mar 24, 09:07 pm · #

  2. Gracias!

    Jose · Mar 25, 08:19 am · #

  3. No puede hacer correr el DCRAW con Windows Vista Ultimate en un Procesador Intel Cuare Quad CP Q6600 2,4 GHz y Sistema Operativo de 64 bits.
    Se puede instalar un parche o una compilación del programa.

    Jose A. Hidalgo · Mar 28, 12:26 am · #

  4. I need the software

    juan pedro · Mar 31, 08:18 am · #

  5. i need

    juan pedro · Mar 31, 08:20 am · #

  6. I am a photo enthusiast and thank you for the latest build using Visual Studio.

    I would like to do some processing/experiments of my own and would like to get the source code in Visual Studio for that.

    I was wondering if that is possible and in case I get good results I would be glad to share my code with the community.

    Hoping for a positive response.


    Peter Simpson · Apr 2, 06:57 pm · #

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